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Back to square one.


Posted: December 10, 2010 in Sponsored DJs, The Dying Art of Sewing

In case I didn’t mention it 100 times, I sponsor a DJ out of LA named Brazzabelle. We have the most fun designing for her. Our last creation for her is right here. Click the pic to go to her page.
Brazz in a custom dress from un|steady

Just Discovered…

Posted: December 5, 2010 in Shops, The Dying Art of Sewing

While doing my daily perusing of, I stumbled across this amazing designer. Click the pic to go to her shop.

Leather Mid Bustier

Strangely, you hardly ever find women interested in quality denim. It’s even stranger when one of your first female customers wants a pair of raw selvage denim for herself. It’s even strangest when your first pair of custom women’s denim comes out 100% perfect.

P.S. No this style denim is not for old ladies or fat women. Sorry.

Compare my denim to a pair of raw selvedge denim for women I found on the internet for $230;

Regular raw selvedge denim for women found elsewhere

Start at $230