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Posted: December 10, 2010 in Sponsored DJs, The Dying Art of Sewing

In case I didn’t mention it 100 times, I sponsor a DJ out of LA named Brazzabelle. We have the most fun designing for her. Our last creation for her is right here. Click the pic to go to her page.
Brazz in a custom dress from un|steady


I’m so excited to say that one of the DJs that we sponsor is in the current issue of San Diego’s 944! Check it out here or click the pic.

Secret Door

Posted: July 17, 2010 in Sponsored DJs
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As a store owner and a designer, I’m always looking for less traditional ways to spread our seeds. Most stores sponsor events but I thought it would be in my better interest to sponsor people for whatever special talents they possess. For those reasons we sponsored Brazzabelle; a cute little fashionista DJ out of LA whose perfect body can make a napkin I designed look like Gucci.

 For Brazzabelle, we hand draft custom patterns to her taste and style and then construct her pieces right here in the East Village. I hear a lot of people have been going Lady Gaga for her outfits so we made a special page just for our special items. You can find them in a secret link on our webpage, or you can just go here

If you knew what was good for ya you’d stop by here as well