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PART 3 of 4: Fabric slection, materials needed, cutting out the fabric using your pattern.

So this is what you should have: A coverstitch machine and a serger (if you don’t have any of these fine machines then your sewing machine will work), 24 inches of black elastic about an inch wide or so, and 42″ by 42″ of 4 way stretch spandex fabric. In my example I used fishnet lace stuff. It’s ugly but I have a million pairs of leggings already. Check these ones out here if you’d be much obliged, as they say in the Old West. Not showin’ off or nothin. But, you know, I made them. No biggie.

Pick a nice 4 way stretch fabric (preferrably spandex). Sometimes people call 4 way stretch fabric 2 way stretch. Just as long as you can pull your fabric East and West, and then North and South with similiar stretch, then cool. If you’re kinda fat, pick black. Makes everyone look sexy, or in the very least, “kinda sexy”. (If you’re offended that I said “fat”, don’t be. Some girls look good being larger, that is, if it’s distributed throughout your body nicely. If you’re just a big blob of a mess with no style, hit the gym. You’ll feel better.)
I’m just going to throw the whole slideshow in right now and fix this tutorial tomorrow because I’m tired as hell, and I need to work on my DJs BodyCon Dress.

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Here are some diagrams of the construction. Should be easy but if not let me know.

What your fabric should look like after cutting

Fold your pieces right side together.

Turn your sewn pieces right side out.

PART 4 of 4: Waist band and then completed leggings.