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Project Runway Season 8 Finale

Posted: October 29, 2010 in PROJECT RUNWAY

As disappointing as this post.



It’s been quite a while since I lost barfed on about PR. Time flies when you’re having fun. Or in my case, designing and sewing 8-12 hours a day and never leaving a room with no windows and not knowing what time it is. Ever.

Anyway, as you can see, it looks like I called it exactly about who is making it to the top 3. Check out my first posts on PR and I can prove it to ya. Are you gonna look? Ok, well make sure you look because I love being right. Yeah, I’m one of “those girls”. AND I knew that Wretchen was going to make it. Fucking balls. Fucking ball face balls. I really don’t like that cunty fishstick hippy. But we all know who is going to win. And that is Mondo.

So that being said, who here saw Michael C. lose it? I can tell you this right now. That motherfucker was molested as a child. TOTALLY molested by Uncle Chooch. Poor guy, when he walked into that back room after his dismissal, I SWORE he was going to pull out a pistol and blow his head off. Too bad. I need drama like that right now.

This motherfucker has done lost his gotdamn mind!


You stupid bitch. Period.

Watch it here.

Some of my opinions have changed on a few people, and it looks like I called it on others ie. Nicholas is a little bitch. Check it out;

Not my good side.

Ivy: You’re still not the shit and you’re so fucking annoying with that jibberjabber.
Peach: She’s still old but she’s not so bad. Her designs suck but she kinda makes me laugh.
April: You look like a Simpson’s character from the side with that larger protruding upper lip. AND QUIT PUTTING YOUR BIG EARED MODELS HAIR UP! Fuck! Dude. Her ears are all I see!
Michael: I know why you always wear hats. YOU’RE BALDING AND YOU CARE! Ha! Prove me wrong.
Valerie: It may be that I’m in a bad mood but something irks me.
A.J.: Annoying little fag.
Mondo: I never use the initialism “lol”, but you made me “lol” with that whole “this talent is a curse” thing.
Nickolas: I called it Nick. Grow some balls when you get home.
Casanova: Too easy to make fun of.
McKell: I wish you were back. Hopefully that’s a future twist.
Gretchen: Yeah you can make clothes but I see that shit in boutiques all the time. No innovation and unfortunately you’re making it to the top 3.
Andy: Why do you wear airbrush make up? Trust me, it’s not doing your horrid skin any favors. Just be happy with yourself.
Michael: “Couture couture couture”… please find out what couture REALLY is then get back to me.
Sarah: No thoughts.
Christopher: Nice guy. Not gonna make it.
Jason: Worst attitude ever. YA BLEW IT.
Kristin: I know the first thought in your mind is “I hope I win so that I can get some braces”. Just kidding! Wait… I’m not.

First of all, watch it here.

McKell was undeservedly the first to go.

I’m a shitty blogger so let me just express my thoughts on some of these cocksuckers (in some cases literally);

Ivy: You’re not the shit like you claimed.
Peach: You’re old and your shit is boring, and you’re kind of not as funny as hard as you try, but you could win me over (doubt it).
April: Heard you ripped your friend off and on top of that, you plopped big time.
Michael: There’s a Michael on the show?
Valerie: It may be that I’m in a bad mood but something irks me.
A.J.: A GAY.
Mondo: He has a huge head and small shoulders and something is weird but for some reason I love him.
Nickolas: So pathetic. I get the feeling he’s a big annoying pussy.
Casanova: Accent drives me nuts. I want to “take him from the balls”.
McKell: I don’t trust Mormons, and yeah I’m stereotyping here, but SHE WAS ROBBED!
Gretchen: Whatever. We’ll see what happens. I think she’s gonna make the top 3.
Andy: Sick outfit. And I believe he will be making it to the top 3 as well.
Michael: There’s TWO Michael’s on the show?
Sarah: No thoughts.
Christopher: No thoughts.
Jason: Fucking weird little kook with no glimpse of talent.
Kristin: One of those kind of girls that was annoying in High School but people thought she was funny anyways.

Let’s see how much my opinions shift next episode this coming Thursday.