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PART 3 of 4: Fabric slection, materials needed, cutting out the fabric using your pattern.

So this is what you should have: A coverstitch machine and a serger (if you don’t have any of these fine machines then your sewing machine will work), 24 inches of black elastic about an inch wide or so, and 42″ by 42″ of 4 way stretch spandex fabric. In my example I used fishnet lace stuff. It’s ugly but I have a million pairs of leggings already. Check these ones out here if you’d be much obliged, as they say in the Old West. Not showin’ off or nothin. But, you know, I made them. No biggie.

Pick a nice 4 way stretch fabric (preferrably spandex). Sometimes people call 4 way stretch fabric 2 way stretch. Just as long as you can pull your fabric East and West, and then North and South with similiar stretch, then cool. If you’re kinda fat, pick black. Makes everyone look sexy, or in the very least, “kinda sexy”. (If you’re offended that I said “fat”, don’t be. Some girls look good being larger, that is, if it’s distributed throughout your body nicely. If you’re just a big blob of a mess with no style, hit the gym. You’ll feel better.)
I’m just going to throw the whole slideshow in right now and fix this tutorial tomorrow because I’m tired as hell, and I need to work on my DJs BodyCon Dress.

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Here are some diagrams of the construction. Should be easy but if not let me know.

What your fabric should look like after cutting

Fold your pieces right side together.

Turn your sewn pieces right side out.

PART 4 of 4: Waist band and then completed leggings.


Sorry, I’m not going to spend $129 for some cheap binder plate for the binder attachment, so I dug deep down into my ghetto inner roots and rigged up this extension table slash binder plate for the Janome. Kinda retarded looking, I know, BUT all I did was wrap 4 Girls Gone Wild VHS tapes that I inherited from my boyfriend (after he killed himself in 2002 and let’s not get started on how that has made me the way I am today) in duct tape and then I mounted a stainless steel plate that you can get from Home Depot onto it with some double sided foam tape. Perfect height. I still have that gnarly migraine I was complaining about earlier.

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I’m having a hard time getting used to the WordPress photo uploader so hopefully the slideshow will help you a little bit on how to set up and use the binder. With my Texas’ Testes sized migraine I don’t want to spend another minute on it. Anyway, I just received the generic Janome 3/8 finish binder attachment and pretty much crapped my pants (again) when I received it today. In another post I will show how I jerryrigged an attachment table for the binder that doubles as an extension table as well! Yeah, 30 years old and binder attachments make me shit my pants. Cool.

If you want to bind your shit up, grab this machine. But, HA HA. Good luck finding one.

I've used other needles and haven't really noticed a difference yet.

This is where you attach your Janome or generic binder.

This is binding done on a tank without any special foot or attachment.

Result of customers tee-to-tank job.

Take a look-see at the results of binding the raw edges of a tank top that was previously a tee shirt. This was a customers order in the store; he wanted one of our sale tees to be transformed into a tank top. Unfortunately I don’t have the Janome binder attachment to do this so I have been doing it with just the stock presser foot on the CoverPro. It’s shitty. Gotta go slow and the shit slides everywhere. I should be charging more to tell you the truth, but I’m *nice like that. (*Not really.) (**Nah, I actually am.)

Fortunately I just ordered a generic 3/8″ finish generic binder from eBay as well as a special binding foot. No, I don’t have an attachment plate but I’m in the works of making my own extension table that can be drilled into for the attachment. Hopefully in the next few days I’ll have my shit together and I can post a nice before and after shot with the NEWWWWWWWW ATTTACHMENTS!

[All this cussing gave me a migraine. Actually that might be the gallon-of-bleach-I-just-poured-into-the-corridor fumes I’ve been inhaling for the past 2 hours.]