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While I was sewing today, I came up with this awesome idea to gross myself out and see what kind of shit is in my drinking water. So I boiled about 3 cups of water until it all evaporated to see what would be left in the pot. The results were caca. There was some nasty ass shit left behind and when I tasted it, I immediately thought of The Salton Sea. Yeah. I put that shit in my mouth. Think that’s gross? Yeah well you probably drink that shit everyday, and I only drink Red Bulls. Which I heard cures cancer and promotes strong teeth.

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It's OK; you're cute.

When I quit drinking a few years back, I discovered my purpose in life; to design and create subjectively beautiful and unique garments for people that I like and then to make my brother $100,000 because that’s how much he gave me for my store, AND then to die. I’ve seen enough my first 25 years of life. I’m sorry, yours may be not as bleak, like, for example some of you live for God and others live to reproduce and have families or maybe to find love. At this point in time that isn’t for me. I’m a creator for the time being and that’s that.

So, without further ado, the following are photographs of my two (hopefully) next big purchases;

Because it's clean as hell.

Because life can be even shorter and you don't want to burden the next of kin with a $3000 coffin expense.