Posted: November 22, 2010 in The Dying Art of Sewing

Strangely, you hardly ever find women interested in quality denim. It’s even stranger when one of your first female customers wants a pair of raw selvage denim for herself. It’s even strangest when your first pair of custom women’s denim comes out 100% perfect.

P.S. No this style denim is not for old ladies or fat women. Sorry.

Compare my denim to a pair of raw selvedge denim for women I found on the internet for $230;

Regular raw selvedge denim for women found elsewhere

Start at $230

  1. Marion Hathaway says:

    To many wrinkles for me. I like pants more smooth

    • A Mad Designtist says:

      These pants aren’t for fat older women pushing 50 or past 50. Raw selvage denim comes from Japan with 0 stretch. It’s the style to have them look wrinkled it’s called “whiskering”. It’s ok, I know they didn’t teach this kind of stuff in schools in the early 1800’s.

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