Project Runway Season 8 Episode 2

Posted: August 8, 2010 in PROJECT RUNWAY
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Watch it here.

Some of my opinions have changed on a few people, and it looks like I called it on others ie. Nicholas is a little bitch. Check it out;

Not my good side.

Ivy: You’re still not the shit and you’re so fucking annoying with that jibberjabber.
Peach: She’s still old but she’s not so bad. Her designs suck but she kinda makes me laugh.
April: You look like a Simpson’s character from the side with that larger protruding upper lip. AND QUIT PUTTING YOUR BIG EARED MODELS HAIR UP! Fuck! Dude. Her ears are all I see!
Michael: I know why you always wear hats. YOU’RE BALDING AND YOU CARE! Ha! Prove me wrong.
Valerie: It may be that I’m in a bad mood but something irks me.
A.J.: Annoying little fag.
Mondo: I never use the initialism “lol”, but you made me “lol” with that whole “this talent is a curse” thing.
Nickolas: I called it Nick. Grow some balls when you get home.
Casanova: Too easy to make fun of.
McKell: I wish you were back. Hopefully that’s a future twist.
Gretchen: Yeah you can make clothes but I see that shit in boutiques all the time. No innovation and unfortunately you’re making it to the top 3.
Andy: Why do you wear airbrush make up? Trust me, it’s not doing your horrid skin any favors. Just be happy with yourself.
Michael: “Couture couture couture”… please find out what couture REALLY is then get back to me.
Sarah: No thoughts.
Christopher: Nice guy. Not gonna make it.
Jason: Worst attitude ever. YA BLEW IT.
Kristin: I know the first thought in your mind is “I hope I win so that I can get some braces”. Just kidding! Wait… I’m not.


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