Gramma’s Box is Dusty

Posted: July 22, 2010 in The Dying Art of Sewing
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I bought this Singer Puzzle Box off of eBay last year for like, hmmm, I forgot but it might have been near $100. It was something I had been looking to buy after I purchased my Singer 27 Vibrating Shuttle (which you can take a look at by hitting up The Gentlemen on the <<<left here).

It smelled like an old ladies mobile home or something; that weird smell of fake wood on the walls and 200 year old carpet with rotted hardwood underneath. Something reminiscent of an old Victorian home but more of a moth ball and T.V. tray variety. That doesn’t matter though because all these attachments work as beautifully as the day I got them back in good ol’ 88… 1888, that is. Don’t bother with the math; I’m a vampire.

After over a year of research, I can safely assume that I have a cross between a Style 3 or Style 11 Puzzle Box. It looks like the ruffler attachment I have may be aftermarket, as well as the shirring plate. Here are some pictures that are labeled. It’s snot 100% accurate so if you see something wrong let me know. (Ok, ignore those 2 pics with the completely irrelevant Janome CoverPro feet… I just needed two more pictures to have a visually balanced gallery.)


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