Binding With the Janome CoverPro 1000CP (Sans Binder Attachment) PART 1

Posted: July 20, 2010 in Design Process, Janome Coverpro 1000CP, The Dying Art of Sewing

If you want to bind your shit up, grab this machine. But, HA HA. Good luck finding one.

I've used other needles and haven't really noticed a difference yet.

This is where you attach your Janome or generic binder.

This is binding done on a tank without any special foot or attachment.

Result of customers tee-to-tank job.

Take a look-see at the results of binding the raw edges of a tank top that was previously a tee shirt. This was a customers order in the store; he wanted one of our sale tees to be transformed into a tank top. Unfortunately I don’t have the Janome binder attachment to do this so I have been doing it with just the stock presser foot on the CoverPro. It’s shitty. Gotta go slow and the shit slides everywhere. I should be charging more to tell you the truth, but I’m *nice like that. (*Not really.) (**Nah, I actually am.)

Fortunately I just ordered a generic 3/8″ finish generic binder from eBay as well as a special binding foot. No, I don’t have an attachment plate but I’m in the works of making my own extension table that can be drilled into for the attachment. Hopefully in the next few days I’ll have my shit together and I can post a nice before and after shot with the NEWWWWWWWW ATTTACHMENTS!

[All this cussing gave me a migraine. Actually that might be the gallon-of-bleach-I-just-poured-into-the-corridor fumes I’ve been inhaling for the past 2 hours.]

  1. Heidi p says:

    Hello! I’ve stumbled across your blog as I’m having dramas with my cp binder. Your binding is so neat! I am really struggling to find the right settings for binding stretch fabrics with stretch binding. I find that my machine is skipping stitches or it ends up looking really messy. Have you got any tips you might be able to share?? 🙂

    • A Mad Designtist says:

      Hello, thanks for your question, at first thought it seems like you may need to change your needles. If that’s not the case the next thing would be the tension settings. What are yours at?

  2. christopher says:

    hi, great job!! do you know if i can attach that foot on my singer pro 5? did you have to fold the binding first or does it fold and stitch at the same time? -thanks.

    • A Mad Designtist says:

      Hi! Are you talking about the stock foot that comes with the CP1000? I think I need a little more clarification on your question. I’m not sure parts or feet are interchangeable between the Janome and Singer but as far as attaching binding with my Janome (before I bought the binders) it was a two part process. First, with a regular sewing machine straight stitch, you match the right side of the binding to the edge of the right side of the item you are binding. Straight stitch with about 3/8 inch seam allowance, or however wide you want your binding. Then, when all is stitched, fold over the binding to the inside of the item you’re binding, then just use the CoverPro to topstitch on the top side.

      Did that make sense? If I have to, I can definitely do a step by step post on how I did the binding.

      • christopher says:

        that would be awesome!! if you can give a step by step post.

        i was just looking for a foot that folds and adds binding at the same time…if that even exists??

        i tried a few times to make a binding with a cover stitch(on my singer) with a very light weight rib and it keeps stretching out ;-(.. i actually just purchased my singer pro for $400 and debated getting the coverpro for $550. but the singer does sergering also and my old industrial serger wasn’t working right….idk-maybe i need the coverpro??

        thanks so much for the help!!

      • A Mad Designtist says:

        Definitely get the Janome Coverpro. But get the 900CP. It’s way cheaper and easier to find. As for the Singer, not sure if it has attachments for a binder, but I do know that the Janome has several sized binder attachments available. Also easy to find. Go on and you can look at reviews for the Coverpro and your singer as well. Tons of helpful info on there.

  3. christopher says:

    thanks for your reply!! i can’t find anyone on the web even talking about my singer?? i will try to buy the binding attachment today.. i was told that they exist and is available at a local sew shop. i took i look at patternreview..there is alot of good info on the coverpro.. it appears that many people love that machine. are there any other websites you recommend that talk about sewing jersey knit?? ie. i am making a high vneck that i darted in the center but the light weight fabric is gathering slightly under the dart…is there a way to make it look cleaner? btw- your store looks great!! 😉 when i’m in cali i will have to pay a visit. how’s business there anyways?

    • A Mad Designtist says:

      I would need a picture of your dart to fully understand what you mean by gathering under the dart of the v-neck. If you are using a standard v-dart, you probably aren’t sewing to the dart point clean enough, but thats only if I am imagining this correctly. As for other sites, I have a huge list of many I have gone to throughout the years, but mainly use There is an excellent forum section on there with answers to virtually every question on there. Oh yeah, and I just graduated fashion school last week so I definintely picked up a ton there too.

  4. christopher says:

    congrats on graduating fashion school..that’s awesome!! i wasn’t able to make it through.. but i was working in retail for a very long time and gained a lot of knowledge about classic mens fashion. i now make my living from oldschoolnyc… you can check me out on fb. ;-)… i recently teamed up with someone that just graduated FIT here in nyc… we are working on a luxury knit collection for men.

    i signed up on the and read a lot about serging, overlocking, binding and hemming. good stuff!!

    i checked out the sewing store for the attachment for my singer and it appears that i may have to buy the coverpro… thanks for the tip about getting the 900cpx over the 1000cpx; looks like the only difference is that the 1000cpx does a three needle cover stitch??(i’m going to try 1 last attempt and put elastic in the seam and see if that helps and i’m also trying tricot fusable?)

    let me know more about your store?


  5. christopher says:

    i hope i didn’t hit a sore spot? i saw later that the store closed. are you designing a denim collection to wholesale or just selling to private customers for the time being?

    so, no attachment for my serger.(i contacted singer.) i found some elastic to put in the seams that appears to be working. the fusable was ok.. but not stretching enough?

    i think i may end up getting a the janome 1000cpx because it appears that i can not do a narrow coverstitch with the 900cpx model.

    • A Mad Designtist says:

      Hello! No you didn’t hurt a sore spot at all! I closed un|steady but now I have a different store helvete|ca that is online, but customers come to my studio to get work done or to do local order pick ups. I’ll eventually make it a public location but for now I’m trying to switch over to having my own handmade lines. It takes a long time. And yes I do denim for people all over the world.

      Yes the 1000CP and CPX both can do narrow coverstitches. I think the 1000CPX isn’t much different other than color and I think 1 more useless feature but I could be wrong. I was going to get the CPX myself but found that it wasn’t worth the price to upgrade. My 1000CP is awesome enough for me.

      If you’re looking to get seriously into clothing though, I’d probably recommend to you and industrial coverstitch machine found on ebay from Union Special or Juki if possible. They are stronger and faster, better quality. I’m sticking with my 1000CP right now though because it’s doing just fine for me until I need to hire employees. The quality of the stitch on these industrials is needed for the industry. The Janome models stitch quality is alright for the time being, but stitches unravel over time.

  6. christopher says:


  7. christopher says:


  8. christopher says:

    keep me posted??

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